In America, In Israel and throughout Western Civilization


Yesterday, May 22, 2011 will not be a day that I will soon forget. I was fifty yards from the President of the United States as he spoke to 10,000 AIPAC Jewish leaders from across the nation. He was eloquent, he was charismatic AND he backpedaled on a statement he made days earlier about his suggestion to consider pre-1967 borders. It was a historic day for all Americans — not just the Jewish community — who need to be further educated on the distorted campaign style of President Obama. He is a master of campaign stumping and masterful spin. Since his election, he has not demonstrated his allegiance for the only democracy in the Middle East — ISRAEL — and continues to sell out America to a the Liberal Progressive left.

As many stand by wringing their hands in despair, we are on the move!

On March 6, 2011, a renowned team of national security professionals, and myself, founded THE UNITED WEST out of an urgency and necessity to change the ground game on how America protects liberty and freedom in America from Shariah Islam and how we defend the continuous political bias toward Israel. Out of our four years of efforts with the Florida Security Council, THE UNITED WEST was created to expand its hallmark tactics — academic, resistance, and confrontational activism.

Since that day, I have been on the road nonstop educating communities around the nation on how TUW and its confrontational activism impacts the bold and pervasive MUSLIMS who have partnered with the Liberal left in America to make sure that our liberties and freedoms are eroded while socialism, communism and Shariah Islam penetrate the American way of life.

As a result of yesterday’s speech by Obama, and in an effort to demonstrate the core values of THE UNITED WEST, today we are launching:

“The United West Proclamation: Unite With Israel —
Protect Liberty and Freedom in America and Throughout Western Civilization.”

We ask that you read the PROCLAMATION BELOW, sign it and help us in our mission with a tax-exempt donation to foster our mission.

Let’s join in one voice to say NO to the Obama doctrine of socialism and anti-Israel interests and resoundingly tell our elected officials that we UNITE FIRMLY WITH ISRAEL TODAY AND FOREVER.

In Liberty,

Tom A. Trento,
President and Founder
The United West




Educating Elected Officials On The Will of The People

Signed By “The People”
To Be Hand Delivered By Activists to State Governors and Federal Officials


WHEREAS, Israel is America’s only reliable ally in the Middle East. The two nations have fashioned an enduring special relationship over 63 years based on guarantees of defensible secure borders for Israel, common national security interests in the battle against Islamic terrorism, and shared Judeo-Christian democratic values;

WHEREAS, the Islamic Republic of Iran has announced its intention to ‘wipe Israel off the map of the world’ via a annihilationist nuclear holocaust and fomented a 30-year secret war against the Jewish State murdering Israeli, Jewish and American civilians and military personnel with the assistance of the Axis of Evil – Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas;

WHEREAS, we demand that our government secure and protect our borders, north and south, from illegal alien invasion; we cannot win the war on terror until this is accomplished. As a free and sovereign nation, we, the citizens of this nation, demand that the government of the United States of America use all effective methods to immediately halt illegal entry/human trafficking into the United States and, minimally, deport captured illegal aliens to their home countries immediately;

WHEREAS, we pledge with the signing of our name to do all in our power to stop Shariah Islam from infringing on the rights of Americans as protected by the United States Constitution;

WHEREAS, it is the inalienable right of every person, foreign or domestic, to exercise free speech and expression, as exemplified by the First Amendment of the US Constitution – the masthead of the Bill of Rights. This right has been interpreted to include so-called protected speech as mandated by the Constitution and in prevailing decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States;

WHEREAS,States MUST protect the Constitution of the United States by preventing foreign laws, such as Shariah Law, to be invoked in any court in America. Therefore, it is imperative that we safeguard our Constitution’s fundamentals, particularly the individual guarantees in the Bill of Rights, the sovereignty of our Nation and its people, and the principles of the rule of law – American laws, not foreign laws;

WHEREAS,we believe that the U.S. should establish forthwith a formal defense treaty with Israel, passed by both houses of Congress and implemented by the President, that states that any attack against Israel is an attack against the United States, thus allowing the USA to respond as it deems necessary;

WHEREAS, we reject the embracing of “multiculturalism” into our society as it has proven to be the underlining erosion of civilized cultures in European capitals. The founding fathers decreed that the objectives of the newborn independent United States were: “life liberty and the pursuit of happiness” as a nation of immigrants who came to our golden shores in succeeding waves and became the “melting pot” of America – the land of the free and the home of the brave;

WHEREAS, For more than two centuries, hundreds of thousands of courageous men and women have given their lives to protect America’s sovereignty and freedom of our nation;

THEREFORE, I am ready to do my patriotic duty by supporting the delivery of this Proclamation to Governors nationwide as well to Congressional representatives by signing and making a financial commitment;

We the undersigned ask you to stand with us by signing our proclamation.


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