The Story of Illegal Alien Activist Lucas Da Silva

by ALAN  KORNMAN February 8, 2013

The Da Silva family came to America 23 years ago on a temporary visa.   Lucas Da Silva was twelve months old at the time and was several years later blessed with a sister.   Although living in  America illegally, the Da Silva’s lives would forever change in 2009.

In 2009 Lucas’ father was deported back to Brazil.  By all accounts the  Da Silva family worked hard and enjoyed all the benefits of being American  citizens.  The Da Silva family embraced our American culture, but willfully violated our immigration laws.

Hard Choices

When the Da Silva’s temporary visa expired the family had only two  choices.  Return to Brazil or remain in America illegally.   The  Da Silva’s chose to stay in America fully aware the consequences from that  decision would impact their son and daughter.  The parents chose to live  the life of illegal aliens for reasons only known to them.

The Da Silva’s first real hard choice came knocking at their door in 2009  when Mr. Da Silva was deported back to Brazil.  The Da Silva Family now had two difficult choices to choose from.

1.   The entire family could return to Brazil with the father and  remain intact.

2.   The mother, son, and daughter would remain in America and  proceed with their lives as illegal immigrants surviving in a fatherless  household.

The Da Silva Family chose option two, with both eyes open, accepting all the  hardships that decision would carry with it.

PICO – People Involved Through Community Organizing

I met Lucas Da Silva at a 1/29/2013 press conference sponsored by The  Campaign For Citizenship and the People Involved Through Community Organizing  (PICO).

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    Treating you equally would mean prosecuting you for your crimes.

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