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“Muslim Brotherhood invades Tampa to help re-elect President Obama!



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2. Join us in Tampa


A Muslim Brotherhood front group, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) will hold a pro-shariah Conference in Tampa, Florida on May 11 – 13, 2012. The Conference will be at the Hilton Hotel Airport 2225 North Lois Avenue, Tampa FL. ISNA is a cultural jihad organization that has been designated as an “un-indicted co-conspirator” in the federal terrorism financing case called – Holy land Foundation Trial. The Muslim Brotherhood is actively working to get President Obama re-elected. Join with many patriotic Americans as we stand against the Muslim Brotherhood in Florida.


  1. Merril Hval says:

    Whats needed ?

    • Ignorance is not a virtue says:

      The amount of ignorance in these comments is so horrendous that I refuse to merit them with a reasoned response. You are all idiots who have never researched the Koran or your own History. Look up the crusades if you get a chance. They happened and Muslims weren’t responsible. But now my response is getting to reasoned and logical so I think i’ll stop capitalizing and start abreviating and pursposefully not using spell check just to make my point.

      • Ignorance is not a virtue says:

        Oh and now I see that my comment will never be posted because it has to be “moderated” which is really just a way to for you (who ever you are) to twist this story and the postings that follow and snuff out any shred of truth that might disagree with you horrendous package of bullshit. Well at least you have almost 2,500 fans on facebook! Kinda curious as to if any of them went to college.

        • Patriot Guy says:

          The “Ignorance” just uses words of anger. He doesn’t cite any facts except his twisting a story about the Crusades that the Christian Kings were forced into. There is so much information about the fascist and toxic ideology of Islam, and using the words of the prophet himself you could easily be shot down.

          • International Point of View says:

            Please cite the sources for the information in the video please. For the love of all that is Holly, please reconsider this hate position that is proposed. Let me remind you all that Hitler was an ardent Christian. If you have any record of the Muslim Brotherhood contacting him, then you deserve a Pullitzer on Journalism.

        • Rev. Clayton Reed says:

          Well sir, your comment obviously was posted. I have read the Koran and know the truth. God will not allow the Islamic attempt at misinformation to work. We know the Catholic church committed atrocity’s. We also know they were wrong to do so. True Christianity condemns this. True Islamism condones killing all infidels, which includes any moderate Islamic group that is not devout to the ways of Jihad. Maybe you need to study your faith better.

          • Art K says:

            Mr. Reed, I am the Grandson of Greek and Irish Immigrants that came to America in the early 1900s to pursue the American Dream. I love the people of America because I know their hearts. Recently a young man in Aurora, CO shot bullets in to 70 people. Many died and I am sickened. His mother practically already disowned him. We have gang bangers in big cities all throughout America. We have thousands of rapes happening in America every day. Abortions every day. No concern for life as an outsider would see it. Where is the sanity in how we conduct our business? A 12 year war and too many dead, named or useless for the rest of their lives. How do you make sense of all this? I, a 57 year old man can not! Hurt people are everywhere and sometimes they do very bad things. Pray for them. Reach out to them and see what you can do to help.

      • ms Catholic state says:

        Um….Muslims were responsible for the Crusades. The Crusades were a Christian response to Islamic military conquest of non-Muslim lands.

        • Travis says:

          Thank you for adding some truth and intelligence, and factual history, to some of these comments… I am unapologetic for the crusades and I support the Catholic Church then and now.

  2. Harris Klein says:

    The problem is so severe that we nust do all we can. No one in the universe is better suited and knowowlegable than Tom.ALso no one is doing more to address our problem with fanatics in the Brotherhood than Tom. Once again many thanks for keeping me advised of your goals, current actions etc. When can you come to SWBRO agin on the first Monday.July 1st might be good as it is so close to the 4t.

  3. This conflict is an Islamic Cultural War.
    Islamic Culture must destroy Western Culture or Western Culture must
    destroy Islamic Culture. It is a Genocidal War.
    or we must change their culture. There is no other choice.
    Muhammad Islamic Culture = Evil :: Western Culture = Civilization
    Choose: Freedom or Slavery
    Leadership of Great Britain are Cowards just like the America Government

    • hargis says:

      You won’t change their culture. They have been the same for thousands of years….”Kill the Infadel” the only way to stop them is to kill them all.

      • Tom L says:

        You fool! Islam is not yet 600 years old. How would you start to “kill them all”? Round up all the women in veils and their mail escorts, then interrupt all the prayer services and arrest the attendees. Load the lot onto railroad cars and carry them of to Ft Meyer VA where you would gas them and burn their bodies? Sound familiar, does it? Get a clue!

        • Travis says:

          600 years old? Really? And you are calling someone else a fool? Please fact check. And, nobody should be killing anybody. 😉

        • Mapleleaf says:

          Muhammad was born in 575 AD he started his mission to change the world approx 28 years later.
          That in my calculation makes islam 1409 years old.
          1409 years of utter garbage and evil spread by bloodshed and the sword.

      • George says:

        You post is spot on other than this: “They have been the same for thousands of years…” The cult of Islam has only been around since about 610AD, started by the pedophile Muhammad.

    • Jeffrey G Mikres says:

      Absolutely true. No negotiation possible or necessary

  4. Vito says:

    Great video Tom! Americans need to wake up.
    Mama Mia NO Sharia!!!

  5. Bailey McKay says:

    I’d like to share this, but the dramatic doomsday music makes it sound a little a little too cheesy & don’t want people to think I’m not serious! The information itself is dramatic enough. Thanks, B

  6. windy says:

    Right in plane sight they are flaunting their non-violent terrorist ways. Insane. I bet Pres. Bush is cringing as he never would have allowed this branch of islamic supremacy into the US without a jail cell to host them. At least he branded the more radical acting islamic supremacists as the enemy. But we all know that islam is the enemy… period!

  7. wri7913 says:

    We need to setup way to mass email the Hilton Hotel Airport to protest this conference. This link should be advertised on all major anti-jihad websites so we can enlist everyone’s help to shut this down.

    • J. Stark says:

      Fight fire with fire. Use the same tactic they are using against our anti-muslim groups. Demand that the Hilton close their doors to this organization and cancel their conference because of their anti-American purpose.

    • shannon says:

      I called them and gave them shit! On my way out the door to protest!

  8. Adina Kutnicki, Israel says:

    Those who still possess brain matter would do well to sit up, take notice and fight the spreading jihad via Shariah. The koshering of this stealth jihad will subsume a democratic US before the citizens know what hits them. The fact that Europe is now Eurabia-yes, it is-didn’t happen overnight. So too they are seeking to conquer America, with the overt and covert help of the radical left, AKA, the red/green alliance.
    Moreover, if one needs some documents/exhibits, and reading material attesting to the above, look no further than to these 2 – ‘The Muslim Mafia’ by Gaubatz and Sperry and ‘Infiltration’ by Sperry. Warning:do not read before bedtime, you may have violent nightmares!! They can both be found at all major online and retail outfits! Those who refuse to participate in the counter-jihad are guilty as well. To be silent IS to agree!
    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

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  10. Sylvia Brooks says:

    Please notify!! Is there going to be a protest march? If so, where and when?

  11. […] Muslim Brotherhood invades Florida Makes you scratch your head…. JIHAD ALERT – MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD INVADES TAMPA TO RE-ELECT PRESIDENT OBAMA! – The United West […]

  12. Jim says:

    I think it is time to take those pot-bellied pigs for a walk……

  13. Tony Bellotte says:

    These people need to go back to the Middle East and stay there and practice what ever religion and laws they want. What they should not do is try to force other people to believe in “their” God and threaten them with death if they do not do so. We simple do not believe in your God, that he can excuse you for lying for the cause, that he can tell you to murder people who do not believe in him, that he can cut off arms, beat people, stone people because some bearded person says it it “written”. If it is written it is written in error because it just should not happen. But what can we expect from people who wipe their butts with their bare hands but think that pork is dirty!!!

  14. ecks why says:

    obama’s religious beliefs may be questionable, but his anti-Christian, pro-islam actions are unmistakable. from not saluting the flag, covering Christian icons at his speeches, ignoring Christian holidays & promoting islamic b.s. the list is endless.

    Best of luck in your efforts here !! as for islam…

    Informed rational freedom loving people have all the reasons in the world to fear islam. The twin fogs of political correctness & ignorance must be dispersed before western society better understands this menace. Even a brief review of islamic theology & history quickly exposes the deadly roots of this evil ideology.

    Mohamhead was a 7th century murdering warlord who rose to power on a river of blood surrounded by thugs and gangsters using intimidation, violence, deception and trickery to expand their criminal empire while mercilessly suppressing and killing their opponents and enriching themselves on stolen booty.

    The evil koran is a collection of sayings and speeches by this diabolical madman claiming divine guidance from some mythical sky-god which has inspired generations of crazed fanatics to abhorrent behavior resulting in historys worst ever crimes against humanity starting 1400 years ago and still continuing even today.

    Islam is just another fascist totalitarian ideology used by power hungry fanatics on yet another quest for worldwide domination and includes all the usual human rights abuses & suppression of freedoms.

    and some snappy graphics, great for emailing…

  15. Beverly Woitke says:

    This is indeed very frightening! Obama must not be reelected!Please keep me informed on how we can stop this movement.

  16. Stella Ready says:

    I’ve been saying for years, Muslims are not a peaceful nation and if Obama gets elected again – God help us all. We need to ask God to please Bless America again. Obama you are the President of the USA – act like it.

  17. hanna from holland says:

    the world is in danger. not only Israel or America.
    thank you Tom for your warning.
    God help us.

  18. MM says:

    I say we start things rolling by nuking that black rock in Mecca, hopefully with a jam packed crowd in attendance.

  19. Annamaria Evans says:

    Leave it to al obama

  20. Jim Mooney says:

    Well, I’m glad France elected a socialist president I’m sick of the BANKSTERS telling us we should pull in our belts because the bankers partied and wrecked the economy. I don’t care who gets elected as long as it’s not a BANKSTER’S President.

    • susystin says:

      O IS the bankster’s president. Didn’t you know that?

    • Pegy Hudak says:

      Socialism is a failed experiment, and yeah, we all know the economy is a mess Jim. But get real…it’s NOT the only problem that truly threatens our way of life…it matters who gets elected.

  21. […] JIHAD ALERT – MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD INVADES TAMPA TO RE-ELECT PRESIDENT OBAMA! – The United Wes…. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. Posted in: Uncategorized […]

  22. David Blanton says:

    I will be passing this on.

  23. Nick says:

    The Muslim Brotherhood was created by MI6. It’s a tool for false-flag terrorism.

  24. tracey williams says:

    no, we do not need this in our country

  25. barbara grossman says:

    will there be a rally infront of the hotel with like minded patriots like the Tea Party, 912 or other groups. Please advise

  26. MIKE says:


  27. Gary says:

    Wow, what racism, hatred and propaganda. Do people really believe the B.S. you are propagating here? America is in trouble all right because of hatefilled racists like the guy who created this blog. Ugh! Wanna see a terrorist? Look in the mirror.

    • susystin says:

      No, you look in the mirror. Progressives are the terrorists. Been at it for many years.

    • Pegy Hudak says:

      Yes, I believe this because it is based on empirical facts on the ground from the beginning of it’s history to this very day. Why do you not believe it?

  28. VAUGHN says:


  29. Anne says:

    We have to keep Islam out of our U.S. Constitution! We have to keep Islam at bay in every category imaginable! Thank you to United West for doing your part!!!

  30. Muse1876 says:

    How in the hell have out so called leaders let this happen to our beloved country?

    • Politicians did not let it happen. WE allowed it to happen by not calling these politicians on the carpett immediately.People want someone else to do all of the work in correcting a wrong.Our nation has become complacent.

    • Pegy Hudak says:

      Press your elected officials and those running for office to make this a campaign issue!

  31. arish sahani says:

    West and free world is no match to defeat Islam .
    As Islam has mastered the art of winning without sending its Islamic soldiers from arab land .
    Send many ISlamic teachers Mullahs in free world under the banner ISlamis a Religion.
    a..USing petro dollars our money convert few criminals in jail to islam . teach them how to demand free things under the law of religion , free time for prayers and special food.
    Now uner conversion these can’t go back to their own culture.

    b. Send illegals in usa and west make them marry unwanted unpoductive , poor women of the society , produce muslim children and use tax dollars to put them on welfare and create islamic population using our tax money. No laws to stop them they misuse our system.
    C. send young students onthe nam eof edcuation , mak ethem amarry uyoung edcuated and rich girl onteh nam eof Love Jihad and conver t them to sialm who will fight with outher women in socity bring out h egood of islam and keep bad under carpet fro years to come.
    these convert to islam edcuated women will not work to uplift the islamic poor uneducated women in arab but will spend all their time and enegy to defend islamic ways in west .
    Bringing young we are not able to change them but they are taking our youngs and changing them to fight fro them .
    3,.. Donate petro dollars to univesity to teach ISlam ..Only the good side and hide all bad.

    4. Use ptro dollar to buy the leaders in west on the Vote promise to support islamic demands

    While you can’t make a chaneg in islamic world They have now our converts in USA and west citizen of USA fighting nonconvert ,USA citizen to islam. Internal civil war situation will be their soon.

    We are real fools and have not understood ISLAM Yet after losing 56 nations to islam.
    Today one billion convets are ready to kill all 6 billions non converts

    • Pegy Hudak says:

      In the event that this enemy may defeat us, it is very important to know that this world is temporal. It is eternity that is most important for every individual. Jesus Christ provides forgiveness and a sure hope of salvation. I pray you find peace that passes all understanding I Christ Jesus the LORD, Arish. But keep working to expose the lie. You understand it well.

    • Pegy Hudak says:

      In the event that this enemy may defeat us, it is very important to know that this world is temporal. It is eternity that is most important for every individual. Jesus Christ provides forgiveness and a sure hope of salvation. I pray you find peace that passes all understanding in Christ Jesus the LORD, Arish. But keep working to expose the lie. You understand it well.

  32. Proud American says:

    I’m not sure why you’re making such a big deal, have you actually taken a look at their program agenda at this conference? They’re talking about “Love & Marriage” and they have a session on “Fighting Extremism” doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with Obama.

  33. rob welch says:

    We must do anything and everything to support our Country. The United States of America and do anything and everything to keep out the Muslim Brotherhood!!! and to stop them from their radical ways. obama and the rest of his crew are trying to do what they can to take away our rights. The costitution Bill of Rights. They will be put down like the sick dogs they are!! God Bless America!!

  34. Saba Ahmed says:

    Muslims believe that we are all brothers and sisters in humanity. This is known as the Universal Brotherhood / Sisterhood in Islam. Why are you all so against Muslims??

    إِنَّ الَّذينَ ءامَنوا وَالَّذينَ هادوا وَالنَّصٰرىٰ وَالصّٰبِـٔينَ مَن ءامَنَ بِاللَّهِ وَاليَومِ الءاخِرِ وَعَمِلَ صٰلِحًا فَلَهُم أَجرُهُم عِندَ رَبِّهِم وَلا خَوفٌ عَلَيهِم وَلا هُم يَحزَنونَ

    However, those who have become believers (the Muslims), and the Jews, the Christians and the Sabaeans who believe in God and the Day of Judgment and strive righteously will receive their reward from the Lord and will have nothing to fear nor will they be grieved. (2:62, The Holy Quran)

    • Pete says:

      What you say is abrogated by the later verses of hate against christians, jews, and other kuffars, hence no longer valid. Dont waste our time practising your taqueeya on us. The muslim brotherhood has to be opposed at every turn, nothing good can be expected from you guys except death.

    • Aryeh ben Avrum says:

      ONLY IF you convert to Islam; only if you become a dihmmi; only if you pay a head tax only, only only…they you will be protected. Otherwise, off with their heads !

    • HILDA E. DAVIS says:

      We’re not against Muslim’s per se. We’re against terrorist who mean us great harm, and many (thousands) in our country legally and illegally are only here to do harm to America, and commit their criminal acts.

      Those that came in peace and wanted an safer place for their family are welcome, just as those of any other religion, but this group means us harm. They want to change our world, and it’s not going to happen.

      I’ve experienced illegals that marry American’s hoping to stay in the US, committing bigamy while they still have a wife in Lebanon or else where. They smuggled cigarettes for large profits, laundered the $, with large sums going overseas to terrorist groups. I have the ledger showing in his own handwriting how they made almost $300,000 in 26 mo’s and opened his cigar store and sent money overseas, but not to his family. There are 2 brothers here that will be in court on the 15th with 5 felony charges against each of them. There brother was already deported for being an illegal and smuggling cigarettes from his convenience store, it goes on and on and they must be stopped. Many want you to think they are so nice, when in fact they are criminals and mean us harm.

    • Pegy Hudak says:

      …verses which are abrogated by….the later verses which say to kill the infidel wherever you find him. You may say that the time for that hasn’t arrived…yet. But what would you say if your Mahdi comes? We ARE all brothers and sisters in humanity, but, all humanity is fallen, having believed the lie that Jehovah God is a liar therefore making us all children of the lie. Jesus Christ, the second person of the Trinity is true God and everyone who confesses (agrees with God) that He is the Christ, LORD and Savior, will be forgiven of that sin and cleansed from ALL unrighteousness. I urge you to turn and believe in Jesus Christ who will set you free from sin and guilt and give you a sure hope of eternal life.

  35. aafsv21 says:

    You people are insane, the reason America is great is because we have the freedom that many other countries don’t. The bill of rights which most of you say you are so familiar with ensures freedom of religion, which is why America was colonized, to escape religious persecution. As a conservative, I am appalled that radicals like some of you have taken over. Please get and education and learn about American history before you start claiming this is your country

  36. Daud R Matthews says:

    This website shows what is really wrong with the society:
    1) It is ignorant{
    a) of what the “American govenrment’s” objectives are
    b) of Islam and Muslims
    2) It is racist
    3) It is supremist
    4) It has no first hand information only dis/misinformation
    Note: The US opened an Office for Disinformation – seems they
    were successful!
    5) The Americans have been kept in the dark as to what US foreign
    policy is really about since Woodrow Wilson. The US is opening
    up but not everyone gets “informed information”.
    6) This websiteis simply hate mongering. If there are differences
    why not discuss or debate them? Obviously, the “other side” is
    not to be publicised or Americans might wake up.
    7) How many declared and undeclared wars has the US fought in the
    past 100 years and with what objectives?

    How many Americans realise Shariah only applies to Muslims and not to non-Muslims?

    This website, and any others like it, are a sick joke.
    Understanding should be the keyword and the prerequisite for that is knowledge, which is certainly in short supply (non-existent?) on this website.

    Americans say they stand for justice and peace, so if someone took your home from you, you would turn the other cheek and thank them. Somehow, I don’t think so but you want the Palestinians to do just that. Where is your support for justice? Are you really that hypocritial?

    As long as there are people willing to have websites with this type of information, in my opinion, we can never expect peace in our world. Just how much hate is this website generating? Are you proud of that, is that what you want?

    As for nuking the “black rock” (it’s actually a stone, this is reminiscient of bombing Japan and the earlier discussion, when I was young, of dropping atomic bombs on Russia so it wouldn’t be strong.

    I wonder how many of you are involved in social work in the US? You certainly don’t sound very sociable. But what can you say of people who think it’s alright to kill 500,000 children and then use flash bombs to exterminate between some 400,000 to some 700,000 Iraqi soldiers on the pretext of terror, when there was no known link between Iraq and terrorism – Bush and Blair are known to have lied.

    ’nuff said (for now)
    Peace in our time with or without your help, God Willing.

  37. MIKE says:


    • Pegy Hudak says:

      We must demand that our “leaders” STOP cooperating with those who are demanding that every reference to the Living God be sponged from our historic buildings, patriotic music, the pledge of allegiance, our currency, the Courts etc. etc. They must stop playing footsie with the enemy and stand up for what is right and true. If they don’t know what is right and true, they need to read the Bible, the only document able to provide guidance to self governance. Governance of the people, for the people and by the people. We were so much better of when we did that.

  38. TEE Corbo says:

    I’ll be there!
    We will never give up our country!

  39. Joseph (Joe) M. LEPAK, Jr. says:

    What are we going to do during their ”convention”? Any PEACEFUL disruption of any kind?? Please let me know about ANYTHING WE are going to do. Thank you for spreading the word. I’ll help with that until told assistance is needed elsewhere. jml,jr

  40. Tony says:

    Why doesn’t anyone come out and ask the question to Obama about him being an apostate to Islam? This is should be at the center of Rommeny’s attack ads. SHowing pictures of BHO, bowing to the Saudi leaders, why aren’t the leaders of muslim countries forbidding him from coming there and meeting with them if he is apostate to Islam?

  41. shannon says:

    What do we have to do? The Hilton is right next to my home… This is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it open to public???

  42. […] A Muslim Brotherhood front group, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) will hold a pro-shariah Conference in Tampa, Florida on May 11 – 13, 2012. The Conference will be at the Hilton Hotel Airport 2225 North Lois Avenue, Tampa FL. ISNA is a cultural jihad organization that has been designated as an “un-indicted co-conspirator” in the federal terrorism financing case called – Holy land Foundation Trial. The Muslim Brotherhood is actively working to get President Obama re-elected. Join with many patriotic Americans as we stand against the Muslim Brotherhood in Florida. for more click here […]

  43. john says:

    Saba, we are not against Muslims. The Founding Fathers of this country wrote a Constitution and a Bill of Rights. In provides a way for contstraining the government, respecting the rights of all people, and living in peace. If you wish to practice your religion here, feel free. However, you need to convince me that your religion is not a cult. You can practice your cult in the Middle East, jut leave the Jews alone. If you attempt to impose your will, Sharia law, here, I will fight you to the death.


  44. Sean says:

    Might as well have the convention over at one of the little private airports, they can all take flying lessons in the wrong airspace cuz they’re stupid! There’s no place for this ahole as President, go away! Pretty bad he’s soo desperate for votes that now he all of a sudden CHANGE’s his mind on Gay Rights too! Sorry but I sure as hell am not voting for that Gay Muslim POS! Look at him attacking States for them standing up against illegal immigration since the federal government wont, the police departments on the border states call ICE and they dont do anything, they basically have to kill someone before they get deported! I guess I can understand his position on that, he’s a Anchor Baby and his Birth Certificate is a forgery!!! Impeach his ass!!!

  45. HILDA E. DAVIS says:

    They mean us GREAT HARM, and must be stopped. It’s time American’s woke up, and looked around them and took notice of what is happening in our country. They are all around us in every convenience store, restaurant, smoke shop, etc. etc. WE ARE IN GRAVE DANGER!

    Most of them are illegals and need to be removed ASAP. Why won’t ICE and other law enforcement be at this big meeting, and remove everyone of them here illegally? Our tax dollars pay the salaries of federal employees to do their job, and they’re not doing it. There’s no doubt there will be a list of the guest that can be run to verify their status in our country. PLEASE ACT TO PROTECT US AND TO REMOVE OBAMA WHO IS ALSO AN ILLEGAL AND HAS NO RIGHT SITTING IN OUR WHITE HOUSE.

  46. Rudy says:

    To the Tea Party and other groups planning to be in Tampa on 5/24/12, Everyone should recite outloud the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE and keep repeating the PLEDGE . tHIS WILL DROWN OUT THE OPPOSITION and send them back where they came from. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  47. Jeanne says:

    @ProudAmerican – You are very naive. Haven’t you heard of stealth jihad? Do you know what the word stealth means? How about the Muslim practice of taqiyya? Wake up!

  48. Adam Smith says:

    Most of the folks responding to this are much more scary than this Muslim organization. You believe this stuff because someone says it?? Why not use a little research and some critical thinking to discover some truth instead of being a lemming for propaganda. For your information, the CIA funded the development of the Muslim Brotherhood as a means of control and influence in the region. Read some history. Also, a real threat is reactionary American people who call themselves Christians. For your information, I am a Christian. Christ would never respond the way most of the comments on here go.

  49. Roland Amnott says:

    This non-citizen Jerk must be impeached by our Congress for breaking and violating Our Constitution immediately. CONGRESS….DO YOUR JOB!

  50. susystin says:

    They are all over this country. This is what happened in Europe, etc. They use their laws to gain the rule of. O is one of them, he even admitted it once in front of the UN.

  51. franklin Perez says:


  52. Ed says:

    Where are our elected leaders who took an oath to uphold our constitution and protect us from our ememies? Is there anyone of them who has enough guts to press for a judgement of treason for Obama and his sidekicks? It appears that we have been the frog put in the boiler and the heat has been slowly turned up for many years, until we’re about to be cooked. May God have mercy on those who know him and give us guidance and courage to stand against this unholy movement.

  53. mohammad zbidi says:

    Why the Muslim Brotherhood support Obama you think ? , the U.S. gov., may have started the Arab rapprochement and understanding start to change the mental image of Muslim terrorism. Obama is not stupid, and the Muslim Brotherhood do not support Obama for free … Why do not you will be supportive of the convergence between the United and resolve differences instead of fueling the street.I’m not from Muslim brotherhood “I don’t like them” but I believe in your president and what he is doing for american citizens.

  54. robert says:

    to united west,we the people by me are trying to keep track of this musmutt scum,and if you have any and all sites,to keep track of the moran brotherhood,let us no,i try to keep track of them,as best we can,but maybe you know additional sites,or info to keep a good list of these treasonous trader scum.god bless america,one nation under god

  55. botros youssef says:

    we do not want your fucking muslim brotherhood,,they are all terrorists..

  56. John Hastings says:

    We have to educate the parents what is in the public school textbooks. They are indoctrinating our 6th. through 12th.grade students. Our textbooks lie and brain wash our kids. That has to stop now. If it doesn’t they will be pro muslim and it will be all over.

  57. D says:

    How to defeat them is gain up on them. Christians and Mormans, Catholics and Jews join together to get rid of these Un-Holy people. I am convinced by the evidence that Obama and Company murdered our men in Benghazi for some reason, that is treason enough. Further, from the beginning of Obama as president He has tried to destroy our laws and way of life, that is a fact. He forgets the spirt of America and our way of life. Join with other to defeat them. Obama sure is with the UN sucking up to the Muslim world that has destroyed Sweden with immigration and the muslims there are raping every women in site. Every country the muslim’s go into turns into a mess. The real question is why is the congress going a long with someone who supports terrorist and trying to turn everyone against Isreal. Is he that sick to think the Muslims would ever be good decent people. Look what happen in Dear Born a while back Muslims were stoning and throwing stuff at people who think like most Americans with free speech. No there is no dealing with Obama or his freaks and the Muslims they are a plague on the Earth and must be removed from office under treason as soon as the truth comes out about Beghazi. Has anyone noticed that a lot of generals were removed from duties. Come on Obama thinks he is a King, I think he is something very evil hiding in disguise. There is real real evil in people who think stoning and beheading people and degrading women is ok. Real men don’t harm women. Only a sick minded human would think this was the way to be as a human, NO Thank you!

  58. If you want to get much from this article then you have to apply such techniques to your won web site.

  59. says:

    Suspect a political dictatorship under the guise of a “religion”, has
    tried to follow a policy of infiltration and conquering from within, since
    a time preceeding my physical lifetime. Exchanging cheap oil, for small
    concessions in regard to their “claimed religion”. In my youth, I remember the “gas wars”, 1970’s as low as 11.9 cents per gallon.

    What a bargaining chip for this “claimed religion”‘s pry bar, of
    infiltration. Then things like student exchange with this “claimed
    religion”‘s “good” will toward this nation in the form of cheap oil prices.
    Along with grooming a “that religion”‘s formally registered student, in
    the teachings of “that religion”. Being exposed by that country’s law to
    doctrines of “that religion” during the grooming process. One who
    could use it’s doctrines hidden, while in the pursuit of legal and
    following political ascension. A moderate show-man to boot.

    Oh, and backing up, a series of oil dominated families in this country,
    who by course of “good business practice”, could have made wars at
    “that religion”‘s request, being “that religion” expounds to sacrificing
    it’s own peoples in it’s pursuit of infiltration.

    I did have dealings with a few of “this religion”‘s people who had
    immigrated to this country and set up business. Some of whom
    disappeared just before the turn of the century, and was told they’d
    returned to the countries of their origin. And I remember thinking to
    myself who in their right mind would go back there. I’m wondering if
    their families knew this middle east thing was going to get nasty, and
    wished them to leave our country for their own safety or something.
    Just a hind sight kinda thing.

    Then there is the rumor of Iranian misinformation about their neighboring warring country Iraq’s, non-existent WMD’s. And before
    that the Russian thing with Afganistan. Could it not all be a long
    worked plan leading to “this religions”‘s claimed desire of ‘submit or
    die’, all inclusive domination?

    It appears that Hitler’s ambition, is next to nothing, compared with all
    this speculation. But the picture is looking more and more complete.
    So why would a previous secretary of state shrug it off and ask why
    should we worry? And an administration seek to assuage “that religion”‘s beliefs, cause of our freedom of religion’s legal rights. The
    people of “that religion” that reside in countries outside of our own,
    don’t have a right to our country’s freedom of religion. They don’t
    reside in our country.

    I’m aware that our country’s freedom of speech has allowed such
    groups as Nazi’s and Klu-Klux-Klan’s and stuff to exist. Though I wish
    they didn’t exist. They do. Thank God they’re not in the forefront.

    So it all just seems to be getting to the ending line of the old
    under-dog cartoons. “Looks like this is the end…don’t miss our next…”
    ya know? And like good hypnotized viewers, the audience comes back
    to see what happens next. Tomorrow. Right?

    It seems weird to think this stuff out on a computer screen. And it
    feels like understanding a lot of this is futile. I don’t dare post this, for
    fear of being investigated on suspicion of something. And then being
    recorded as having been suspected of something in the now, sometime
    in the future. That really seems paranoid, but it is how stuff could work
    out. So there’s fear of expressing one’s right to free speech. This is

    P.S. I’m a coward. I believe in God. I don’t agree to violence. And I don’t
    desire to claim to any religion. There’s just too much doctrine in them,
    that can be twisted to support about anything. As a child, for a time I’d
    fight with my little brothers. I didn’t pick fights with kids my own size.
    When one picked a fight with me I got hurt. That was the end of that.
    So I just am. I wish everyone else could get over the whole fighting
    thing too. It’s just too bad. I mean, a day might come, God willing not,
    when I’ll witness my own life being taken. I don’t think of things like
    that, except during that last sentence. It’s just not what I want to dwell
    on. I’m mostly distracted with observing. Could I be witnessing?
    Well, God knows.

  60. Jihad Watch says:

    They are always a Muslim,
    up until they start Jihading,
    then the News companies
    call them Terrorists,
    out of fear that the Jihadis may threaten them.

    JihadWatch, where the real news is at.

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