Is the LA Sheriff Department illegally funding a Muslim “community” Program with FEDERAL tax dollars?


The United West “Strike Team” attended a Sheriff Baca Town Hall meeting at the Islamic Center of Los Angeles. Yes, you read that correctly, THE… Islamic Center of Los Angeles. This is the same one that was founded by a protege’ of Hassan al Banna.
Who is Hassan al Banna, you may ask? Well…he started a little Egyptian “boy scout” club called al-ʾIḫwān al-Muslimūn – the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD.

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By Alan Kornman

On Sunday, May 15, 2011 the Islamic Center of Southern California (ICSC) hosted a Community Town Hall Meeting led by the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC).

The LA County Sheriff’s Emergency Operations Bureau – Muslim Community Affairs Unit (MCAU),  a taxpayer funded entity, was the presenting agency. The MCAU’s mission is:  “build a stronger relationship with the Muslim community to build cooperation with law enforcement.”

Muslim is not a race.  Muslims are  merely followers of Shariah Islam.  The MCAU is a taxpayer funded religious group operating inside the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department at the behest of Sheriff Leroy Baca.  Civil Rights Lawyer’s may argue the MCAU violates the Establishment Clause mandate of government neutrality toward religion.

Steve Whitmore,  LASD Senior Media Advisor, confirmed the Muslim Community Affairs Unit receives taxpayer funds approximating $128,400 per year for two full time Deputies.  When this reporter asked Mr. Whitmore if any other , religions,  had a LASD Community Affairs Unit and received equal taxpayer funds,  Whitmore replied, “There are no other religious Community Affairs Units in the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department.”

For the LASD to meet the Establishment Clause threshold for “government neutrality toward religion” Sheriff Baca would have two options.  First, Sheriff Baca would have to establish and  manage Community Affairs Units with two Deputies and a $128,400 budget, for each recognized religion under his jurisdiction.  The second option would be to dismantle the Muslim Community Affairs Unit in accordance with the Establishment Clause.

Morsi, Volunteer, Abdeen, Officer Syed

Morsi, Volunteer, Abdeen, Officer Syed


Deputy Sherif Morsi and Sgt. Mike Abdeen

Deputy Sherif Morsi and Sgt. Mike Abdeen


In 2006, Sheriff Baca established The Muslim American Homeland Security Congress (MAHSC), a non-profit organization. This was done with the help of the Council on American Islamic Relations, Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, Muslim Public Affairs Council, and the Muslim American Society. Many of these groups have connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, as established in the 2007 Holy Land Foundation terrorist funding trial. The Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic Center of Southern California will be the focus of an upcoming documentary to be released in the very near future.

Sheriff Leroy Baca, also started the Young Muslim American Leaders Group (YMALG) to engage and educate young Muslim professionals in the Los Angeles Area. Steve Whitmore said the YMALG and MAHSC are not taxpayer funded and managed by volunteers. Whitmore however, would not divulge who these volunteers are or what groups they represent.

The MCAU has another function, “The unit also trains department members about Islam and Muslims, touching on issues such as religious beliefs and customs. Academy recruits also receive a two-hour class on Muslim cultures and background as part of the cultural awareness training program.” A program tasked with teaching Shariah Compliant Islamic values to incoming police recruits, while excluding the values of every other religion in Los Angeles County.

In 2007, Sheriff Baca formed the LA Sheriffs Muslim Community Affairs Unit (MCAU). In an interview with the Religious News Service, Sheriff Baca articulated the mission for the MAHSC and MCAU.


What’s the philosophy behind the Muslim community outreach efforts?

Baca: Police need all the help they can get. When you have deputy sheriffs who are Muslims, and the Muslim community can identify with them, then it makes the Muslim community feel protected.

What progress have the community outreach efforts achieved so far?

Baca: The Muslim community trusts the sheriff’s department. Successful law enforcement requires that the public trust law enforcement. And you’re not going to get the public’s trust if you’re not going to trust the public.

The FBI broke off contact with the Council of American-Islamic Relations last year, while you’ve stayed in touch. Why are you right and the FBI wrong on this?

Baca: It would be like saying, “We found an extremist in Los Angeles and no one told us about him, so we’re going to cut ourselves off from the entire Muslim society.” You can’t do that at a local law enforcement level. If there’s a problem with crime-plotting, you have to get closer

to the environment, not further. And if they think CAIR is out cavorting with extremists, then it behooves them to be more involved with CAIR.

Sheriff Baca has overreached his authority, states Carrie Storm.  Muslims are people who practice the religion of Islam.  Islam is a religious group, just like Christians, Jews, Buddhists, etc…  The LA Sheriff’s Department violates the Constitution by creating special privileged treatment of Muslims over all other religious groups.  The Constitution guarantees freedom of religion but prohibits establishing a preference for any religion.  Taxpayer funds spent to promote the interests of  any religious group over another is prohibited through the ‘establishment clause’ in the US Constitution.

A 2008 Pew Research Center survey reveals the citizens of California are 42% various Christian denominations, 31% Roman Catholic Christians, 2% Jewish, 2% Latter Day Saints,

and 1% Muslim. The rest of the citizens are either non religious or of other minority faiths.

“According to the latest hate crime report from the Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations, 88 percent of all religiously based hate crimes in 2009 were against Jews.  Hate crimes that targeted Muslims (3 percent) ranked slightly above those directed at Scientologists (1 percent). In fact, the commission found that attacks against Christians (8 percent) outnumbered attacks against Muslims.”   It could be argued statistically, that if any religion needs a LA Sheriff’s special religious Community Affairs Unit, it’s the Jews and Christians not the Muslims.

Terry Sanderson states, “if there is one public service that absolutely must be secular it is the police force. There should be not one whisper of sectarianism in the force and all this talk of Muslim police officers must stop. They are police officers who are Muslim, but when they are at work they must be simply police officers full stop. They must serve the whole community without fear or favor. This goes also for police officers who are Christian, Hindu, Atheist or indifferent.”

Sanderson goes on to say,  “if bridges are to be built between the Muslim community and the police, it should be non-Muslim officers who should do it, to demonstrate that the police force in its entirety can be trusted, not just those who happen to share the Muslim religion.”

These religious sub-groups within the police are deeply undesirable and rather than encouraging them, the police hierarchy should start the process of dismantling them.

Sheriff Baca’s, Muslim Community Affairs Unit is a civil rights abuse lawsuit waiting to happen.  Contact LA City Council President Eric Garcetti Phone: 213-473-7013 Email: and California Attorney General’s Office, Civil Rights Division, (800) 952-5225  to file a complaint.

Freedom and Liberty are fragile gifts from our founding fathers that each U.S. citizen must be forever vigilant protecting.

Alan Kornman

The United West-Uniting Western Civilization for Freedom and Liberty

Regional Coordinator


One Team, One Fight!

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  1. PatriotUSA says:

    Excellent article and I am sharing on my site with a link back to here and full credit given to you all.

    I added you to the blogroll there too. Will send a donation when I am able to. Won’t be much but very bit helps!

    Excellent site you have here!!

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    5:51 “O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors”……

  6. Shawn B says:


  7. Daniel says:

    I agree that this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. I just learned about this special unit because I was curious about something from a tv show Emergency! I wondered why the LA deputies wore helmets even in the car not on bikes. Anyway I couldn’t find answers so I went to LASD facebook page to ask. I saw something about the Muslim Community Affairs unit, and I posted on the photo if there were units for other religions.

    • Naufal says:

      Just an update as to how long it’s tainkg the Cook County sheriff to come out (I was evicted this week). I was able to find out the receipt # of my eviction and the date it was filed. In my case, it took the sheriff 15 weeks to come by and do their duty. I bailed out in the morning, so I was not there. Also, if you want to fight the eviction, there are ways to gum up the works. It took the landlord 9 months to evict me from the time I was served the 5-day notice to the time the sheriff came by. If my attorney had done discovery and a jury trial, I could have got at least another 6 weeks in the apt, but I didn’t have his fee to pay for it. You do what you can when the economy is tough.

  8. AK says:

    Naufal – If eviction laws were in fact “fair” you should be charged with theft of services.

    As far as I’m concerned you are nothing more than a common criminal and stealing services from the owner of the property.

    Naufal I have no idea who you are but I can tell you this – You are a real Piece of S h * t and deserve all the bad things that happen to you in this life.

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