Polar Opposites Unite in a Common Cause

The United West captured on film another historic event on the campus of the University of South Florida – colloquially known as Jihad U. What you are about to see is two men who are on polar opposite sides of the political spectrum uniting in a common cause – to defeat President Obama’s reelection attempt in the state of Florida on November 6, 2012.

Bob Kunst, founder of Shalom International and former Democratic candidate for the U.S. Congress in Florida, is a progressive Democrat and observant Jew. Dr. Rich Swier a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel is a combat veteran of Vietnam with the 101st Airborne Division and conservative Christian Republican – an odd couple indeed. Yet, these two men have set aside political and social differences and have an insightful rational and serious discussion about saving America and its greatest ally – Israel.

Bob and Rich demonstrate what Americans are yearning for – a unified cooperative effort in the national interest of America and our allies. What you will bear witness to is Bob and Rich, both Jew and Christian, both Democrat and Republican, both liberal and conservative, coming to the same conclusion – President Obama must be defeated in 2012 – and the path to that success is Florida.

This is also a prime example of The United West mission – and the origin of our name – uniting together western civilization on both ends of the political and ideological spectrum and setting aside our differences, in order to focus America on the kinetic threat that wishes to destroy both liberals and conservatives and

America’s beacon of light in the Middle East – Israel.

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between Bob Kunst and Dr. Rich Swier.

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  1. TokenGimp says:

    It’s a good start, but we have a long way to go.

  2. Bethany says:

    I am also a Democrat for Newt. I hope there are many of us. We cannot endure 4 more years of Obama…the time is now, it is critical to get him out, NOW!

  3. Chris Strunk says:

    Go after the Jesuit head and the body will follow!

    The so-called Muslim Brotherhood (MB ) was created in 1928 at the very same time as Opus Dei in Portugal by the Jesuits; and who have operated the gangs ever since they setup the CIA in 1947. Get over it folks we have a Catholic problem. Left-Right, Communist-Capitalist, serve as a Hegelian manipulation game to get you to submit to your own fear and give up your freedom (critical thinking ability). Time is your only asset do not be lulled by the game!

  4. JC3 says:

    These guys aren’t addressing the big problem in the Israel debate:
    1) Why is the U.S. giving seven times as much in foreign aid to the ENEMIES of Israel, as we are to Israel??? Ron Paul is the only TRUE constitutional conservative who has even sense to cut off all foreign aid.
    2) Newt Gingrich is a stooge of the Insider Establishment…he’s part of the problem, not the solution.
    3) If the federal-government-worshipping churches and synagogues in the U.S. would step up to assist, as they should, Israel would have more money to protect themselves than they need. The U.S. government rarely supports the “good guys” anyway, but always supports the choice of the CFR bankers.

    Retired military and proud to have defended the constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic….never realized there would be soooooo many domestic enemies!!

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