Marine Reservist, Lance Corporal Yonathan Melaku

Marine Reservist, Lance Corporal Yonathan Melaku

by Jerry Gordon

The Washington Times, reports that Marine Reservist, Lance Corporal Yonathan Melaku  of Alexandria, Virginia has been charged with several attacks on Washington, DC military installations in an apparent Jihad retribution  for the US assassination of late al Qaeda founder, Osama bin Laden.  Clearly, from the Washington Times account Melaku is fulfilling the way of Allah to commit Jihad against us.  After all he created a video with the tell-tale cry of “Allahu Akbar” on it before loaded up his weapons and several bags of ammonium nitrate to make a crude IED.  And to think that he was awarded a medal for his meritorious service in his Motor Pool unit.

One wonders what our obsessively political correct military services will do to screen out Muslim soldiers in our ranks from being potential jihads out to kill fellow GIs.  Probably nothing.  Now we read that Maj. Nidal Hasan’s trial may be in doubt, given recent Pentagon rulings concerning the conversion of a 101st Airborne private Abdo to Conscientious Objector Status, because of his refusal to fight against his Muslim brothers in the ummah if deployed overseas.  Patrick Poole in a recent Pajamas media story suggests that the Pentagon ruling in the matter of  101st Airbone division  Pvt. Nasser Abdo may gut the government’s prosecution of Major Hasan for his massacre at Fort  Hood in November 2009. That would be a travesty of justice to the more than 13 killed and 39 wounded during his ‘lone wolf’ Jihad at Fort Hood. And to think that former Army Chief of Staff General Casey thought that the first victim of that Jihad massacre was ‘diversity’.  Our military leaders are victims of the Stockholm syndrome; blind to the threat of disloyal fundamentalist Muslim servicemen in the ranks because it would offend  Islamic beliefs.  This is tantamount to criminal negligence to provide force protection for our non-Muslim service personnel.  The Melaku case is just the latest example of the threat to military personnel from jihadists out to kill their infidel soldier.

Note what the Washington Times reports about the seriousness of the Melaku case:

A Marine Corps reservist who prompted a security alert near the Pentagon last week was charged in federal court on Thursday in connection with five shootings at military installations last year.

Yonathan Melaku, 22, of Alexandria was charged with destruction of property and gun violations in the series of overnight shootings in October and November. No one was hurt in the incidents.

“Today’s charges allege a long-term pattern of violent behavior against the U.S. military that escalated until his detention last Friday,” said Neil H. MacBride, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia.

Authorities arrested Mr. Melaku on June 17 when he attempted to flee officers after he was spotted at Fort Myer at about 1:30 a.m. According to an affidavit filed in court, as Mr. Melaku fled he dropped four bags containing ammonium nitrate — one of the components used in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

He also dropped a backpack that contained spent 9 mm shell casings, a spiral notebook with Arabic statements referencing the Taliban, al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, “The Path to Jihad” and a list of individuals associated with foreign terrorist organizations.

Law enforcement work near the Pentagon after a suspicious vehicle forced multiple road closures Friday, June 17, 2011 in Arlington, Va. In a situation that is still unfolding, officials say one man is in custody after they found his car, parked in the bushes near the Pentagon. The car contained material that appears to be ammonium nitrate, spent 9 mm shells and written materials stating “al Qaeda Taliban rules.” (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

The affidavit said authorities searched Mr. Melaku’s home and found a typed list in his bedroom closet titled “Timer” that included nine items used in the building of an improvised explosive device (IED).

“Combined with ammonium nitrate, these items would make up several significant components needed for an IED,” the court papers said.

The affidavit also says law enforcement found a videotape in Mr. Melaku’s bedroom that shows him in an automobile driving near what appears to be the U.S. Marine Corps Museum in Quantico, Va., and repeatedly firing a handgun out the passenger-side window.

It said Mr. Melaku made numerous statements on the video, including “That’s my target. That’s the military building. It’s going to be attacked” and after firing multiple shots saying, “Allahu Akbar.”

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    so the dude that shot those people at ft hood wont be tried?

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