Muslim jihadi’s throwing acid onto the face of Pastor Umar Mulinde.



There are certain axiomatic truths in life like; “don’t spit into the wind,”
“don’t sword fight with Errol Flynn,”

“don’t back down from the bully.”
When you violate an axiomatic truth and codify it as national security policy you get savage Muslim jihadi’s throwing acid onto the face of Pastor Umar Mulinde.

President Obama’s pro-appeasement, pro-Muslim policies had the (predictably) opposite effect by fueling the anger and hatred that shariah Muslims have toward Christians and Jews. The evidence of Obama’s failure is seen in the life of Pastor Umar and in the stoning of Christians in Dearborn Michigan and in the increased Muslim attacks against Jews throughout Europe.
For the sake of America, Israel and the West, please, please, please, watch this powerful message from Pastor Umar Mulinde, a former Muslim now a Christian who LOVES Israel and do all you can to defeat President Obama on November 6, 2012.


NB: In February 2012, A team from The United West was in Israel and interviewed Pastor Umar Mulinde at the Sheba Hospital in Tel Aviv.

4 Responses to MUST SEE VIDEO FOR “CHRISTIANS & JEWS” Muslim “Arab Spring” attacks against Infidels

  1. Dan Watson says:

    Issac and Ishmael were brothers, when will we ask forgiveness for dividing the family and working so diligently to keep it divided? I just missed Yom Kippur, but hopefully there will be a day when all people, can ask each other for forgiveness. Bridge the gap with ♡ <– an open heart.

  2. Elsa says:

    I think of the worldwide concern for the Pakistani girl shot by the Taliban for wanting girls to be allowed to get an education. Surely Umar Mulinde deserves the same concern. And what about the Christians murdered almost daily? Why is no one nominating any of them for any huge prize for daring to be Christian – often daring to convert from Islam – in the face of Muslim oppression? I agree the girl deserves a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. Likewise so does anyone daring to convert to Christianity in a Muslim country. Maybe it’s time to nominate pastor Umar Mulinde. In fact, I think we should do it. A gift to him from people who care.

    And suddenly I realized, why wait for “someone” to do it. I was there and could do it. So I have just been on and have created the petition. Here’s the link. Please sign. And share. The goal. 1,000,000 signatures. It sounds like a very low goal to me. Especially if you sign and forward.

  3. Elsa says:

    Is there some way of getting this news to Umar Mulinde – a bit of an early Christmas present for him? If you’re willing, would you also please pass him my email address? Thanks.

  4. Esther says:

    I am ashamed of my country America! He is right. Many ‘Christians’ in America are cowards. They only want to be entertained into the Kingdom! It’s not gonna happen!

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