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(December 30, 2008 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

“JEWS…back in the OVENS!”

Pro-Hamas Demonstration - Fort Lauderdale FL


Three years ago today, December 30, 2008, I attended a Pro-Israel Rally along with Allen West (before he was a Congressman) and about 30 other Christians and Jews, most of whom were in their 70’s or older.

Directly across the street was a Pro-HAMAS Rally with 300 Jew-hating,

Christian-hating shariah-compliant Muslims, with an average age of about 25.

I decided to walk over to the Muslim side – CLOSE UP – and video-tape some of the most vile, angry, horrific, hateful displays of humanity I have ever seen…coming from those who proclaim to be a “religion of peace.”

This explosive video story has made its way around the world and on news outlets in many countries as it exposed the “Arab Jihad,” in the tony resort town of Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Sadly and to a large part due to this current Administration’s disdain toward Israel, Jewish people are worse off today, worldwide, then they were three years ago when I shot this video.

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Are Jews more likely to be “thrown back in the ovens” or “nuked” today?

Commentary below by Alan Kornman

The psychology of mob behavior lowers the inhibitions of the participants as the emotional frenzy escalates into a crescendo  of whatever lies in the heart of the mob.  Three years ago Tom Trento entered a Pro Hamas Anti Israel mob, at great personal risk, to document what lies in the heart of the Pro Palestinian movement for the world to see, feel, and become a witness.

As the late afternoon became dark and the Muslims finished evening prayers, the emotional frenzy of the Palestinian supporters became increasingly agitated and violent towards the supporters of Israel who were both Christians and Jews.

Law enforcement was their to hold back the Pro Palestinian mob as they tried to rush the Pro Israel supporters and inflict bodily harm.  Contemplate the evil epithets, caught on film, towards the supporters of Israel.  More importantly, contemplate the silence from Islamic advocacy groups like the Islamic Society of North America and the Council on American Islamic relations.  In the codified Islamic text of Bukhari Muhammad is quoted as saying “Silence Is Consent”.  In this vile display of human behavior towards a peaceful Pro Israel crowd groups like CAIR, ISNA, and The Muslim Brotherhood groups were silent before, during, and after a Pro Palestinian woman called for the Jews to go back to the ovens, in moment of honesty.  Their silence is consent!

Let these thoughts weigh on you as you watch this powerful footage again and again.  Which side of human nature do you exhibit when you think no one is watching?

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