The Declaration of the Philadelphia Imperative, a manifesto for Jewish, Christian and other Signatories of
conscience, stewards of capital, thought leaders and regular citizens from around the globe. This Declaration is a
mission statement, expression of principles, document of reconciliation, pledge of commitment and viral organizing tool, all in one. (The complete, six-page Philadelphia Imperative is available on request.)

Strategic Objectives:

  • Enact laws at the Federal, State and Municipal levels, consistent with the First Amendment, to halt the expansion of violent Islam in the USA and other Free Nations.
  • Protect Israel, the world’s only Jewish State and an island of Human Rights, Religious Liberty and Democracy in an international sea of authoritarian, Islamist intolerance.
    • Defuse US pressure for a Two-State Suicide – the creation of a sovereign, armed Islamic state in Judea and Samaria, at the very heart of ancient, Biblical Israel – by dividing Congress from the Obama Administration.
    • De-fund UNRWA, the harmful UN agency for radicalizing Palestinian refugees, and shift the USA’s 40% contribution to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in order to…
    • Offer and facilitate the truly Humane Option of Financed Refugee Resettlement into welcoming Arab nations for any Muslim refugees who so desire.
    • Support any necessary Israeli air strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities controlled by an anti-Semitic, genocidal regime.
    • Strengthen the US-Israeli alliance, in accord with multiple Congressional resolutions, through Relocation of the US Embassy to Israel’s capital city of Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.
    • Prepare Americans for enormous pressure on the US-Israeli alliance when/if Islamic terrorists begin hitting soft targets in the USA (subways, trains, buses, schools, shopping centers, chemical plants).
  • Process Islamic terrorists as Military Combatants, rather than as domestic criminals.
  • Pursue US Energy Security via domestic drilling, a flex-fuel US fleet, nuclear development, and the defeat of all CO2 regulation (e.g., “Cap and Tax”)
  • Awaken the West, especially American citizens and university students, to the clear and present danger of violent, coercive Islam.