Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL)

Mark this date on your calendars. It will, like Pearl Harbor,  “live in infamy.”  Why?  Because the Muslim Brotherhood may have won several  Stealth Jihad victories  across America in Washington, DC, Tallahassee – Florida’s State Capitol and  Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  This great tsunami wave of Stealth Jihad started Sunday, March 27th with the launch of CNN’s “Unwelcome: Muslims Next Door”  Soledad O’Brien’s  “In America” documentary on alleged Muslim discrimination in Murfreesboro, Tennessee  over the Islamic Center expansion project. The tag line in our post on the documentary was “Too sympathetic and biased”.

In Washington, DC, we have a hearing today in the US Senate on alleged anti-Muslim bigotry chaired by Illinois  democratic Senator Dick Durbin that conflates limited evidence of such allegations puny when compared to the spike in anti-Semitic incidents in America.  Steve Emerson’s The Investigative Project on terrorism (IPT) called the Durbin Senate hearing, today, “flawed “. Frank Gaffney’s Washington –based Center for Security policy released a report debunking the Sen. Durbin’s myth of rising concern of anti-Muslim bigotry in America using FBI statistics compiled over the period from 2000 to 2009. In a Washington Times article published yesterday, by Gaffney, he considers today’s Durbin Hearing as “the Anti-Pete King hearing”.

In Tallahassee, the third annual Florida Muslim Capitol Day organized by ex-Tampa CAIR director, Egyptian-born Ahmed Bedier, former spokesperson for convicted felon Sami al Arian, and founder of United Voices for America, got an endorsement from Governor Rick Scott. This despite evidence that Rich Swier in  a Red County article “Florida Muslim Brotherhood Organizes  Muslim Capitol Day” portrayed Bedier’s  “two faces” –speaking about grass roots democracy in both Florida and Egypt while advancing the Muslim Brotherhood’s green flag.  Bedier, according to Swier wants Democracy for the Muslim Brotherhood and not for the rest of us. We expect to  report on those Tallahassee developments later.

Against this tsunami of Stealth Jihad “victories’ was pitted an intrepid band of activists from the newly launched The United West organization spearheaded by Tom Trento of the Florida Security Council.

We talked with Trento on a Skype call in Sioux Falls  as he, Lisa Marie Johnson,  Joel Arends , South Dakota State Senator Dan Lederman, of the Great Plains Chapter of the Republican Jewish Coalition and founder of the Jewish Christian Coalition of the Midwest ,  Frank Gaffney of CSP were  finalizing security arrangements for tonight’s showing of the film Iranium produced by the Clarion Fund.  The tough security arrangements  were required given an expected crowd of over 250 who will show up tonight because of the eruption of cries of anti-Muslim hatred from the leaders of the Islamic Center of Sioux Falls and former US Senator, James Abourezk, -founder and Emeritus Chair  of the Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee, prominent anti-Israel advocate and alleged Anti-Semite. Abourezk had sent a letter to the US Attorney in Sioux Falls requesting an investigation of these charges.

We noted this background in our post in mid- February about the demise of the America law for American Courts Legislation,  “Anti- Sharia Legislation Introduced in South Dakota despite “Death to Israel” Threats.”

These allegations from Abourezk erupted because of a letter sent by a local Christian Evangelical pastor, Rev. Jeff Hayes of Faith Temple Church who is an iconic figure of mercy in Sioux Falls for all faiths, including Muslims, because he runs a respected community feeding program.  The trigger for Abourezk accusations was a letter sent by Pastor Hayes suggesting that church members attend a viewing of Iranium in Sioux Falls tonight.  In the letter Hayes sent, he recounts  a death threat made against him two years ago by a local Muslim for his criticism of Islam and Muslim perpetrators of 9/11.

Steve Young, religious writer for the Sioux Falls Argus Leader had a report on the front page of today’s edition giving us elements of this alleged anti-Muslim bigotry stoked by Sen. Abourezk’s letter,  Call to view film sparks fears of hate-mongering.”

Here are some excerpts from Young’s Argus Leader story:

A pastor’s letter encouraging people to attend the screening of a documentary called “Iranium,” which looks at Iran’s nuclear threat to the West, is stirring charges of hate-mongering in Sioux Falls.

In a letter sent March 12, the Rev. Jeff Hayes of Faith Temple Church invited people to attend the screening today at the Holiday Inn City Centre in part because of concerns he has that Islam “isn’t always a religion of peace, and it also treats its own members often times in barbaric ways.”

Hayes said he, his wife and daughter were attending an informational session on Islam two years ago at the Oak View Public Library when a Muslim upset with his questions about 9-11 said, “If you offend us or our religion, we have the right to kill you.”

[. . .]

“It’s nothing more than preaching hate,” Abourezk, a lawyer in Sioux Falls, said. “By implying Muslim people here in Sioux Falls are a danger to our community, he is resorting to the kind of innuendo and allegations that are extremely threatening to people of the Muslim faith.”

Lisa Marie Johnson of Mary’s Project, the nonprofit sponsoring the screening of the film, called Hayes “an incredible pastor” and said “we highly esteem him.”

But she said the pastor’s letter did not accurately reflect what tonight’s event is all about.

“This particular evening is about a film documentary. It is an education series,” Johnson said. “We do have a group of Muslim leaders who will be in attendance. We’re excited about that.”

Asif Zabih, former president of the Islamic Center of Sioux Falls, said all religions have their radical elements. But Islam practiced by most Muslims is a religion of peace, Zabih said, adding, “It does not allow even the killing of another person.”

Hayes said his church has a feeding ministry that serves many Muslims. “I talk to them,” he said. “I tell them they are wonderful, and we love them.”

But Abourezk said such words “sound very familiar to those who proclaim that their best friends are Jews, or whatever ethnic group the speaker is about to begin attacking.”

He has taken Hayes’ letter to the U.S. Attorney’s office in Sioux Falls, Abourezk said. Officials at the office confirmed they have received it but wouldn’t comment further.

We obtained a copy of Abourezk’s letter to Pastor Hayes because it had more inflammatory language indicative of his own hate.

Pastor Hayes is behaving very un-Christian like by attempting to smear Muslims and the way they worship God.  He is clearly trying to prevent Muslim citizens in Sioux Falls from having any place to worship, which is perhaps the most mean-spirited action one can seek to do in our democracy.   In fact, it is hard to imagine the founder of Christianity, Jesus, preaching the kind of hate that Pastor Hayes is preaching.  Moreover, he is bringing in as a speaker, Frank Gaffney, a right wing demagogue who is a notorious Muslim hater, and who was one of George W. Bush’s advisers when Bush decided to attack Iraq in 2003.

We thought we were finished with the kind of McCarthyism in the 1940s and 1950s that Pastor Hayes is preaching, a kind of preaching then that did great harm to our nation, causing divisions that still resound in the most negative way.   By implying that Muslim people here in Sioux Falls are a danger to our community, he is resorting to the kind of innuendo and allegations that are extremely threatening to people of the Muslim faith here in Sioux Falls, while contributing nothing to civilization.

What is disturbing about Sen. Abourezk is that he is unstinting in defending local and national Muslim rights to worship, but not those of embattled Christian minorities in strife torn Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.  This is pitiable behavior for a son of Middle East Christian immigrants to America.  To our mind that makes him a dhimmi fellow traveler to these Stealth Jihad victories erupting across America.


by Jerry Gordon

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