Iranian Petro Chemical Facility
Source: AP
According to reports from the BBC and Reuters, Iran’s oil facilities and Ministry were hit by the Stuxnet malware on Sunday shutting down operations.  The Ministry website is back up today; however, the national oil company website is not. If this latest malware attack is prolonged and not readily corrected it could put a serious crimp in Iran’s ability to supply oil to the international energy commodity markets. Whoever engineered this latest attack understood what impact this would have on the Islamic Republic’s economy. The Kharg Island facility, which handles 90% of Iran’s oil production, was affected.
In a separate report in mid-April by The Verge, US and other intelligence services reported that Israel may have used proxies to insert the Stuxnet malworms in the Natanz enrichment facility using USB memory sticks. Perhaps, that may have been the method used in this latest attack on Iran’s oil managemen…

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