A lot of people are too young to remember what it was like living under a Jimmy Carter presidency. I do, and although it had some merits, like good granola cereals being sold everywhere, for the most part I hardly think it was worth it.

At the time of the Carter election in 1976, it was the nation’s bicentennial and people were pretty fed up with Republicans and a stalled economy. Things just weren’t moving forward and the nation wanted ‘change’, so Carter got in and things certainly did change. It was more than just the political climate, the nation started going through some philosophical changes, many of which weren’t all that great. When Carter got elected he blamed Republicans for just about everything and promised people two chickens in every pot.

There was a general distaste in America for everything traditionally American. Maybe it was backlash from all the red white and blue flag stuff from the bicentennial, maybe it was just anti-Nixon/Ford, maybe people were just getting angry with men dying in Vietnam for a cause they didn’t understand. People’s ideas of ‘getting back to basics’ meant eating more granola, less flag waving, wearing blue jeans in the White House and generally making a hash of traditional American values.

Of course the media sold it that way, and Hollywood. Television swarmed with anti-American rhetoric shows in the wake of the fallout of the Vietnam War and generally tried to point the American consciousness away from traditional values—and indeed sold those ideas as being the really American ones. The “Meathead” from Archie Bunker, Mike Stivic, was running things now from an ideological point of view, and Hollywood was a major part of it. Pinkos were now stylish.

A show called MASH ran from 1972-1983 and started off being a comedy about a mobile surgical unit in Korea (based on the1970 movie). By 1975 however, it became a forum on Vietnam and war in general. Killing off a main character to send a message about war, and others leaving the show for other ventures , left it with a core that were intent on making every show a ‘message’ about the usual value system American had. Generals were portrayed as bloodthirsty warmongering savages who cared little about the troops. War sucked and the leadership was a bunch of gun toting idiots. Hilarious bits about Klinger in a dress were dropped as was the still the doctors drowned their woes in, and social issues were expanded. When people were polled about MASH years later, the majority of viewers thought it was set in Vietnam, not Korea.

Chief among them was a big deal being made about the main character Hawkeye Pierce, played by Alan Alda. Alda was held up as a role model for men, and that the new sexy was not the strong and silent type, but the vocal crybaby type instead. His snarky, smarmy, ‘look at me I’m smarter than you’ brand of humor was the rage. Alda always struck me as the kind of guy in a fight that would rabbit punch you when nobody was looking then run out the back door, but America loved him. Every year the guy won the Emmy for best performance. Every year. I think the guy has like 25 Emmy awards, 24 of them from MASH. If Alan Alda had run for President in 1980 instead of Carter, I think Reagan never would have won. Alda was the prince of prime-time TV and the nation at large.

After Reagan’s election though, the writing was on the wall for the sort of thinking that a man crying about war while wearing khaki was swell, and was pretty much over. MASH became less and less funny and was simply a platform for liberalism by 1980. People were bored eating Brimley’s oats and burning their bras while waiting in line for gas. Books like “Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche” became the rage. The “We” generation was now a blip on the radar and 1980 brought in the era of the “Me” generation.

If you are wondering where I’m going with this, it is just a gentle reminder to those who are big Obama fans or who think Obama has a chance in the fall, is that the Alan Alda nation never lasts. It is almost over once again, even though this is twice now that liberalism was bigger than sliced bread.

You can only pull the wool over the eyes of people for so long. Eventually people change the channel and get tired of being noble and suffering under high energy prices, inflation and joblessness in order to appease leftist tyrants and tree huggers.

The denim overalls the leftists try and make everyone wear to work start to itch mightily after a few years. It doesn’t matter what the polls say, it doesn’t matter that the statistics show only 8.2% out of work (ONLY 8.2% sheesh) when its really closer to 14%. People know when they’ve been snookered and sold a bill of goods. People know when they open their wallets and have to decide if they can afford the popcorn at the theater or not instead of which size bucket to get.

Obama’s time is about over. He will just fade away like a bad memory only to pop up now and then for everyone to laugh at like Jimmy Carter when he goes and says something stupid. Hopefully, he will pop up more than Carter did. Why?

Just to remind people how much of a clown jester they both were.


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