From the BBC, whose sin of omission is to avoid the M-word, and whose sin of commission is to tar Hindus and Sikhs with the same brush as those whose religion sanctions child rape:
Nine Muslim men have been convicted of being part of a child sexual exploitation ring in Greater Manchester.
The men, who are all from Rochdale and Oldham, "groomed" young girls, some as young as 13.
Liverpool Crown Court heard claims that the Muslim men plied their victims with drink and drugs so they could "pass them around" and use them for sex.
A failed dhimmi police investigation in 2008 allowed the abuse to go undetected for another two years.
After four days of deliberations, the jury of three men and nine women returned guilty verdicts against the men for their part in a child sex ring which centred on Heywood.
The offences included rape, trafficking girls for sex and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child.
Two of the Muslim defendants on trial, Qamar Shazad a…

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