The Khazar Myth
Every now and then, the patriot activist stumbles across a very intelligent lie about Israel: the Khazar myth. According to this myth, Jews are mainly descendants of an Asian people, the Khazars, who converted to Judaism in the 8th century AD. The people that work with this lie, try to tell you that there is no bond between most of the Jewish people and their homeland Israel.

When you surf on the Internet across nationalist and patriotic sites, one encounters this myth quite regularly. It helps to influence the beginning activist to stop supporting Israel. This is quite harmful. If you want to read a good article about this issue: there is a short one by professor Steven Plaut to be found here: .

The Khazar myth can be compared to stories about the attacks on 9/11 being instigated by the US Government. If you have ever debated someone who believes Bush is behind the attacks on the Twin Towers, you have some idea about how difficult it is to debate someone who believes in the Khazar myth. Every time you put forth a reasonable argument: such as that DNA test have proven that Ashkenazi Jews are closely related to Sefardic Jews, you are met with absurd counter arguments. Probably they tell you that the people that do the DNA tests are working for the Rothschilds.

The DNA evidence is of course the most important proof that Jews did not mix with the Khazars. According to historians, only about 100 people of the Khazar elite converted to Judaism and they were all killed later on. There are more facts that the enemies of Israel don’t like: for example, after about the expulsion of the Jews from their homeland in the first century AD, it was decided that there would be no more proselytizing. Other facts are that Jews from Europe do not have any Asian customs nor is their language Yiddish influenced by Turkish words. So how could they possibly be of that descent? Why would they have disguised themselves completely to hide that they are Khazars?

So please do not hesitate to say “rubbish” when someone tries to fool you..not even if this is Professor Sand of an Israeli University. Sand is a communist by the way.

Caesar from Amsterdam

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  1. Mark Jaws says:

    Most American blacks who have been fed revisionist Afro-centrist mythology believe this Khazar lie also. Very good points about Yiddish. My mother is Jewish and I took a course in Yiddish back in 1975 at City College of New York just to meet Jewish girls. Not a Turkish word in Yiddish. No Turkish DNA in our blood. We are from the Holy Land.

  2. Truth Seeker says:

    @Mark Jaws, Khazaria is most certainly fake, a myth. But where is your Holy Land? Jerusalem, sure. Modern day Israel/Palestine? Impossible. The region from the Jordan to Mediterranean is very small and never had any grand kingdoms or cities. But the neighboring lands did. Archaeology has proven that the indigenous Levantine Palestinians have always lived there. The mixup is the Roman providence of Judea. This is not your holy land.

    What is a Khazar? A Byzantine Emperor, that’s what. Caesar of Rome. Except the untied Roman empire fell in the East (compare it to the united kingdom of Israel.. North and South… familiar, eh? Nimrod is Nemrut aka Solomon btw, Google it). Where do Jews fit in all this? Lithuania. There are hardly any more Jews really. Just Zionist Jews aka Mithraists aka Constantine’s “Christains.” The real Christians were Gnostics mostly exterminated by the Catholic Church and dark ages. The real Jews were mostly exterminated by the Teutonic Knights.

    The sooner we accept these lies for what they are, the better. Israel is not Jewish. The Vatican is Christian. We are better than these primitive pagan faiths posing as modern versions pretend to be. We are special and divine. Don’t listen to the liars

    • Truth Seeker says:

      The Vatican is NOT Christian is what I meant to say. The Vatican is just modern Khazars aka Caesars AKA “Jews” but not in the historical sense, in the imposter sense. We have no god, we have a goddess of our Earth. The Christians celebrate her as Easter.

  3. john thames says:

    This post is utter drivel. No Arab chronicler used the 100 figure; we do not kow the extent of the initil conversion. It could have been 100, 500 or 5000. This figure hs no basis whatever. Moreover, it is very clear, both from the demographics and from later testimonies as late as the 1300’s, long after the break up of the Khazar Empire, that large numbers of Khazars/Slavs had indeed converted.The genetic evidence is more than suspect, given the passage of 1300 years and centuries of interbreeding and intermixing. It simply is not true that thee is no DNA evidence in support of the Khazars. Consult Dienekes Anthropology blog and Ellen Lvy-Coffman on he subject. As to scientific evidence, what about all the missing Prussian Blue in the fake “gas chambers” of Auschwitz?

  4. Hilha Rosner says:

    Thank you for this great article. I just wanted to add that a new project is trying to answer these very same question of who were the Khazars and what happened to them. so we’ll know whether only 100 Jews or more became Khazars.
    The project is called, Khazar DNA Project

    Let’s hope they’ll clarify this issue once and for all.

  5. simon humphries says:

    The Khazar like the Arab were converted by the catholic church to their respective religions that give us so much joy and happiness at this day. Jews provide a convenient scapegoat for what is wrong with the world (they are not pleasant) and provided they pay is good and protection is provided they relish their “starring role” as the bad guy. Pan keltism is the true force to be reckoned with in the world headed by the homo alpinus men of Geneva. All american race websites are run by the kelt, and so wuz Dixie (Not the Nordic). Christianity (all of it) was invented to make people more slave like. The reformation was a massive ab-reaction to the spirit of the rennaisance and the rising tide of secularism and the secrets of the major arcana. Judaism as such is the dirty soiled clown suit they put on to rape us with. The “slap on the face after sodomy”

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