• What YOU think about the possibility of Israel attacking Iranreally does not matter
  • The two principle countries, Israel & Iran are preparing for the day of attack
  • If the attack actually happens, the world will be changed in a flash
  • Will you be ready to stand with Israel?

Will you hold President Obama accountable to “have Israel’s back?”





Please take a moment ton watch the short video report below.
Thank you.


  1. Ronald G. Marlar,LCol,USAF(Ret) says:

    The headline to this story and video is hyperbole – exaggeration for effect, and potentially dangerous in this volatile situation. The story and video are also possibly out of date, overtaken by events. Israel’s leadership has already announced any strike by Israel on Iran’s nuclear production facilities is unlikely to take place before this Fall. Yes, that could be only to put Iran off guard a bit, especially so since Obama’s half vast administration leaked vital information about Israel’s actions preparing for a possible strike in the hopes of preserving itself as a nation and people. I have not seen any shred of evidence that Trento is qualified in any way to be mucking about in such sensitive international affairs. At the bottom line this misleading release is nothing more than a fundraising pitch. I engaged Trento long ago about his using Israel and Jews to promote his otherwise highly worthy cause – informing people about the threat of Islamists, radical Muslims to the United States. Apparently my advice to Trento fell on deaf ears. I have made a note to follow up on this in August after I return, God willing, from my 11th, relatively lengthy visit to Israel since 2004.

  2. John Larsen says:

    I agree that this message and future messages on the pending mid East eruption impact on America needs to be loud & clear. Not enough people in America ( I am sorry to say) have their heads in the sand on what is going on in the world today.

  3. Darrell Hoskins says:

    I stand with Israel! I was visiting Israel during Operation Cast Lead in Dec 2008/Jan 2009, as the IDF defended her south against the rockets raining down from Gaza. I will be praying for her when she defends herself against Iran with a preemptive strike this spring!

    I fear Obama will turn his back on Israel when the strike occurs and may even try to interfere with the attack. Do not take the actions of an evil leader to represent the will of the American people! And, I trust that Bibi is wise enough to not share the details in advance with Obama and his minions.

  4. joshua says:

    I will pray and stand by Israel,and God protect her.

  5. Nick says:

    Yes, this segment is hyperbole and has dated video, but it is a very realistic problem that the US will face eventually. No news organization is actually current and up to the minute, and they are censored.
    Look at the development in Syria and the Levant,you do not have to directly attack Iran to get an reaction from them, all you have to do is threaten their claims even if they are out of this world. The US nor any other Western country is prepared to deal with the asymmetric warfare that we face. It is almost like a Cold War with Iran and the Western world is afraid to act even without the threat of nuclear weapons. The second gentleman is right. The US is isolated from reality and threats that are poised against our sovereignty. Although some people see the threat, they are a minority. I have nothing against Islam, but there are facets of Islam that are very dangerous and then there are US citizens that are dangerous to the same degree against the US and any type of value system.

    So maybe the attack did not come in 2012, but eventually the US leaders will be placed on the podium to answer for their ambiguity and complacency at least against the threat that Iran and Hezbollah actually pose to the US. I am sure that there are many men and women in todays armed forces that will do everything to protect the American Citizen, but my question would be: What are the military “Leaders” planning to do? Carrying the political agenda is not the answer. It will lead to a defeat on our own soil.

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